RA-S Rotary Arm Wrapper Semi-Automatic

By Optimum Handling Solutions
  • RA-S Rotary Arm Wrapper Semi-Automatic

Pallet Dimensions

  • Max 1.200 x 1.200 x 2.100 (h) mm.
  • Min     600 x    600 x     500 (h) mm.

Film Carriage belt driven with the following possibilities:

  • Film tension with M mechanical clutch 
  • Film tension with FM electro-magnetic clutch
  • Film pre-stretch with LP 200% motorizes power pre-stretch

Photoelectric cell to read pallet height

Electrical Control panel with the following functions:

Independent top & bottom layers adjustment with timers

Manual and automatic working cycle with 2 wrapping programmes

  • Carriage only up 
  • Carriage up + down

Inverter to control: Adjustable speed (6-12 rpm) - Soft Start - Fix Stop of the rotating arm, motorized with clutched motor chain driven.

Safety Panels all around the RA-S with anti-intrusion electronic system in front of the unit stopping the machine as soon as circuit interrupted

Inspection mirror of the “non visible area” with the pallet in position from operational bottoms.

Video & Acoustic alarm before working cycle starts

Hot painting with epoxy system 

Standard power supply 400 Volt – 50 Hz – 3Phases