The EffiMat for High Speed Picking



The New High Speed Generation of Vertical Lift Modules for Small Parts Storage


The EffiMat® is revolutionary!

With a revolutionary new principle for handling items in standard boxes, the system revolutionizes vertical lift modules – VLMs!



  • High-speed picking- 4-5 times faster than a traditional VLM – up to 400 order-lines per hour!
  • Handling of items in standard boxes within the system
  • Very flexible and compact storage in boxes
  • Easy configuration requiring very limited pre-planning
  • Automated replenishment = higher operating time
  • High flexibility – allows for physical integration with other EffiMat®VLMs, conveyors, robots and more


  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Produced in Denmark with Scandinavian design
  • Utilizing a new type of cladding forreducing noise and allowing customer specific colours and design


The principle:

  • The items are stored in standard totes or boxes (40 x 60 cm or 60 x 80 cm) at flexible heights. Either as one type of item per box or by splitting the box into smaller compartments
  • An intelligent lift, divided into sections, takes boxes from or deliver to a standard shelving  It just handles the relevant boxes and leaves the others.
  • The intelligent lift can shift the boxes sideways on the lift itself
  • The sideways movements allow openings in the side of the EffiMat®
  • The principle allows for a much lighter construction of the lift as it doesn’t have a heavy steel tray to carry



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