• BRIDGE / CORNER CLIPS allow uninterrupted access where corner or bridge assemblies are required.
  • POST CLAMPS allow adjoining assemblies to be locked together.
  • WIRE BACK / SIDE LEDGES attach to wire grid shelves with clips to provide product stops.
  • SHELF DIVIDERS available for wire grid shelves.
  • PRODUCT STOPS of up to 3 sides available for ABS shelves.
  • TRAY SLIDES can be fitted between two wire grid shelves.
  • SIDE PANELS / REAR PANELS of wire grid mesh are available.
  • No.10 CAN MODULES will fit 450 mm deep frames to accomodate up to 6 cans each.
  • VEGETABLE BASKETS made from zinc lacquered wire mesh drop in to frames.
  • WINE MODULES either bulk or individual modules can be housed in 300 mm or 450 mm shelf asseblies.
  • POST JOINERS will allow extension of post height on existing installations.
  • DROP ON / DROP IN Shelves of solid S/S or Gal can be used in place of ABS shelves on frames. May require additional braces for support.
  • CASTORS may be fitted to the bottom of posts in place of feet. Also rubber buffers are available.
  • DISC FEET may be used instead of standard bullet feet by using threaded inserts in posts.
  • FOOT PAD may be used on standard bullet Foot.