Light to Medium applications: Unirack

By Metalsistem

System designed for the storage of light goods in both standard and two tiers shelving configurations

Even though the UNIRACK system was created to solve storage problem of light goods, the UNIRACK series additionally provides an excellent platform for the creation of suspended walkway installations of up to 8 meters in height with a maximum load bearing capacity of 4800kg per frame (USR series).

The UNIRACK series comes in 5 versions USA/USB/USP/USM/USR. While the USA/USB/USM and USR series are totally compatible between each other and compatible with the SUPER 123 shelf elements and accessories, the USP series differs in that it uses solid shelves in the place of the beams and shelf infills used in the balance of the product range.

This extremely versatile system enables the inclusion of separators, modular containers and alike, able to solve all problems related to the storage of loose accessories generally. Projects, even of substantial dimensions, can be swiftly and easily designed and assembled due to the modular nature of the system, the simplicity of its assembly and the speed in which METALSISTEM is able to supply its world wide network. The load bearing capacities are certified by international certification bodies.