Light to Medium applications: Super 1-2-3

By Metalsistem

Storage of light goods for manual picking,  creation of two tier installations.

The Super 123 series is a highly versatile product satisfying the broadest needs of light storage requirements. 

In its standard configuration it is particularly suited for archive storage and domestic uses;  enriched by a varied and exclusive array of accessories it adapts itself to a multitude of applications such as; spare parts and tyre storage for the automotive industry, hung garment storage for the fashion industry and small parts stores for goods ranging from plumbing to electrical items.
Thanks to its attractive Hi-Tech design,  protected by an international patent, the Super123 series is also suited to environments which are open to the public such as shop and office furnishing.

The Super1,  Super2 and Super3 products are completely boltless, interchangeable and extendable.  They have been developed and produced with the aim of resolving challenges associated with the storage of light goods in both standard applications or two tier configurations with heights ranging up to 5 meters.

The form of the various components are the result of exhaustive testing and technical controls accumulated over years of industrial experience.

For example,  the location of reinforcing nerves exalt the qualities of the material permitting the performance of the system to be optimised.

These experiences have brought about the creation of a highly technical product that expresses its strong points through its speed of assembly, stability and performance / cost ration.

The use of galvanised steel ensures the durability of the product.  The structural components are produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steels in accordance with the EN10204 standards.

The frames are composed of uprights, diagonal and horizontal spacer bars and are available in varying depths and heights with load bearing capacities ranging up to 3600 kg/frame for the Super3 series.

Suspended walkway installations can be created from the Super3 series accessorised with all the protection and safety elements required by current standards.