Drawer Storage - High Density

By Boscotek Industrial Storage

At Bosco, we recognise that well organised storage brings efficiency. The Boscotek ™ Drawer Storage range is designed to maximise your space providing you with the ideal storage Solution for your workshop for tool storage and small part and equipment storage.

At Bosco, we recognise that well organised storage brings efficiency.  The Boscotek ™ Drawer Storage range is designed to maximise your space providing you with a full range of options to create the ideal solution for your small parts storage or tool storage applications.

Inefficient storage systems can have a negative impact on your business, their effect may cause unscheduled down times, loss of inventory and inefficiency affecting productivity and at times staff moral. The way your organisation stores and maintains tools, parts and equipment can have a huge effect on the smooth running of your day to day operations and bottom line.

Workshop Drawer Storage Systems enables maximum use of available space. By selecting appropriate drawer heights and partitioning system
BOSCOTEK ™ Drawer Storage cabinets can provide a storage system with minimal space wastage, excellent accessibility and uncompromised flexibility.

BOSCOTEK ™ Cabinets are constructed using a 2mm rigid interlocking frame, providing excellent structural stability. Zinc seal body and internals provide extra protection in hard wearing industrial applications.

Single piece drawer construction provides increased strength. Drawers can support up to 100kg UDL (uniform distributed load) per drawer. Drawers use standard extension heavy-duty bearing runners, secured without screws for fast assembly and reconfiguration. Drawer rails are positioned at 25mm intervals to accommodate flexible arrangement of drawers. Available in 5 standard sizes, cabinets can include a combination of drawer sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Internal drawer walls and base are slotted at 25mm intervals to accommodate BOSCOTEK ™ drawer accessories. Accessories enable drawers to be broken down into small compartments for maximum space utilisation. The BOSCOTEK ™ range of drawer accessories includes partitions, dividers, plastic bins, metal trays, tool supports, groove trays and customised foam inserts. Using these components unique internal drawer configurations can be created or users can select from the BOSCOTEK ™ range of standard partitioning sets.

BOSCOTEK ™ Drawer Storage Cabinets incorporate a central rear locking system to securely lock off all drawers within the cabinet. This system offers excellent security - by centrally locating the locking mechanism, locks maintain a high level of integrity and cannot easily be manipulated or flawed through excessive force or leverage.

To minimise risk of injury, cabinets are fitted with a unique "True anti-tilt mechanism". Unlike similar mechanisms on the market which can be easily flawed the BOSCOTEK ™ "True anti-tilt mechanism" prevents multiple drawers being pulled open at one time. Once a drawer is open all others are locked shut, providing a tangible OH&S benefit.

Drawer Storage Cabinets can be relocated whilst fully loaded, knock out holes can be used to assist in relocation or four way forklift base kits are available.

Key Features

  • Designed to facilitate maximum space optimisation and minimise wasted space.
  • An extensive range of drawer configuration accessories to create infinitely flexible internal drawer arrangements. Allows you to determine exactly how your storage unit will be organised to accommodate your specific workplace requirements.
  • Ideal for storing small parts and tools. BOSCOTEK ™ HD cabinets can offer convenient, efficient and reliable storage for just about anything - from bones to drill bits.
  • Incorporate state of the art mechanisms to assist in the prevention of injury or damage. Only one drawer can be opened at any time reducing the risk of cabinets toppling over with uneven weight distribution. The BOSCOTEK™ anti-tilt system is a true anti-tilt system and cannot be easily flawed like competitors' products.
  • Available in a range of sizes and drawer configurations to suit your specific requirements. Cabinets can be joined and stacked to create a custom workplace arrangement.
  • Incorporate integrated heavy duty locking mechanisms to provide superior security.
  • Mobile options available.