By Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation supplies a wide range of Wenglor Photo electric sensors. These include:


  • Through beam
    • Transmitter and receiver are enclosed in separate housings
    • Available with laser light, red light and infrared light
    • Drill breakage monitoring
    • Recognizes extremely small parts
  • Retro reflective
    • Work with red light or laser light
    • Transmitter and receiver in a single housing and a reflector is required
    • Recognizes objects at large distances
    • Stack height monitoring
  • Reflex (diffuse)
    • Transmitter and receiver in a single housing
    • Recognizes and counts objects
    • Controls stack heights and passage ways
  • Reflex (diffuse) with background suppression
    • Sensor evaluates light reflected from an object
    • Recognizes objects presence, minimal height differences and all types of objects and packaging


  • Gloss sensors
    • Differentiate between glossy and matte finishes
  • Print mark sensors
    • Recognize print marks
  • Contrast sensors
    • Measure the brightness of objects
  • Luminescence sensors
    • Checks for markings that are invisible to the human eye
  • Analog output sensors
    • Can be used with glass fibre optic cables
    • Can be used in high temperatures up to 300°C
  • Transit time sensors
    • Measure distance between sensor and object for transit time measurement
  • Clear glass sensors
    • Recognizes glass and transparent objects
  • Roller conveyor sensors
    • Recognizes and controls objects on roller conveyors
  • Fork sensors
    • Recognizes extremely small parts, slots, holes and notches
  • Colour sensors
    • Recognizes different colours, including transparent colour and liquids
  • Light curtains
    • Captures, monitors and measures objects

Inox Sensors

They are designed with an extremely hygienic design which makes them easy to clean. They are FDA approved and fulfil the highest demands of the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry. The range includes:

  • Through beam
  • Retro reflective
  • Reflex (diffuse)
  • Reflex (diffuse) with background suppression

Fibre Optic

  • Universal
    • Can be used with glass fibre optic cables
    • Can be used in high temperatures up to 300°C
  • Glass fibre
    • Can be used with universal reflex sensors
    • Can be used in high temperatures up to 300°C
    • High resistance to chemicals
  • Plastic fibre sensors
    • Reflex mode and through beam mode possible

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