4 Channel USB/RS422 Converter for laser / optical sensors

By Bestech Australia

The RS422/USB converter is used for transforming digital signals from up to 4 laser triangulation distance sensors into USB data signals. Whether a lab PC or company laptop, even computers without the RS422 industrial interface, can now evaluate readings from Micro-Epsilon laser and confocal sensors. A 4-channel RS422/USB converter is now available from Bestech Australia to suit this purpose.


Equipped with 4 trigger inputs and 1 trigger output additional USB converters can be adapted. The IF2004/USB converts digital signals from up to 4 optical sensors into a USB data packet. Unlike other commercially available USB hubs, the new 4x RS422/USB converter ensures synchronous data acquisition for a defined temporal allocation of the four RS422 inputs. This is particularly important for small system solutions with multiple sensors, for example, in thickness measurements. The connected sensors and the converter can be programmed through software.


Particular Benefits


- 4x digital signals via RS422

- 4 trigger inputs, 1 trigger output

- Synchronous data acquisition

- USB interface