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Linear position sensors

  • Linear position sensors

Linear position sensors - Inductive or magnetic position detection

Position measuring systems are available in most varying designs and for many different applications; from potentiometric position sensors, over magnetostrictive systems up to high-resolution glass scales. The increasing trend towards analog measurement aims at optimizing production processes, simplifying quality assurance and reducing production costs and failure rates.

High repeatability and linearity, simple installation, a rugged design and wearfree measurement, last but not least a large measuring range and short blind zones are the features which an industrial-suited position detection system should have.

The new LI series of inductive linear position sensors can replace expensive magnetostrictive position detection systems as well as cheap but susceptible potentiometers. Thanks to a new revolutionary measuring principle, position is not detected via a positioning magnet but via an inductive oscillating circuit. The sensors are thus completely immune to magnetic fields such as generated by large motors for example.

Injection moulding or metal processing are typical applications for LI sensors. Metal chips or external magnetic fields, both impair the functionality of positioning magnets heavily.

The LI series comprises three device types with different outputs: Current/voltage, high-end IO-Link and SSI. No matter the combination of sensor size and positioning element, the user always gets the optimum solution for short ranges of 100 mm as well as long ranges of up to 1000 mm.

The WIM-Q25L sensors are magnetically actuated and feature measuring ranges of up to 200 mm. Working on the basis of the Hall principle, they achieve high linearity and repeatability and have extremely short blind zones. The magnet of WIM type sensors is axially magnetized, allowing the sensors to be mounted directly on pneumatic cylinders, fl ow meters or lift valves.