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Flow meters

  • Flow meters

Flow meters – Continuous and precise measuring of flow rates

In order to guarantee smooth operation and consistent quality, many processes require constant in and outflow of liquid or gaseous media. Flow sensors measure the speed and flow meters measure continuously the volume per time unit relative to the defined pipe cross-section.

Flow measurement requires high repeatability and accuracy. TURCK sensors apply different methods for electronic measurement of flow rates, such as the calorimetric, the magnetic-inductive as well as the Vortex principle.

TURCK fl ow meters indicate the fl ow rate via display and via an analog current output. The output signal can either be analog or binary, depending on whether continuous fl ow or a limit value is to be monitored. The programmable devices are characterized by a long service life and are thus almost maintenance-free.

The FTCI flow meters operate according to the thermodynamic principle. They are favourably priced and work reliably. Due to the diff erent thermal conductivity of media, the devices are preferably applied in water or water-glycol mixtures. Short response times within seconds and stable values displayed even under the influence of strong temperature fluctuations, make these sensors particularly suited for flow rate monitoring in cooling circuits.

FCMI flow meters operate according to the magnetic-inductive principle. They measure the flow rate of many low-conductive liquids. Blistering and non-abrasive solids content have only little influence on the measurement. The operating range between 0.2 and 80 l/min is ideal for all applications with small to medium flow rates.

FCVI vortex flow meters are insensitive to pressure and temperature changes and are thus suited for applications requiring a high repeatability. Flow rates between 2 and 20 I/min are detected with a repeatability of 2 % f.s. The extremely responsive and temperature-stable flow meter is preferably applied in return and coolant circuits.