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Flow sensors

  • Flow sensors

Flow sensors – Monitoring of limit values and flow patterns

Flow sensors are applied in automated manufacturing to detect deviating flow speeds of gases and liquids quickly and reliably. They monitor coolant circuits, run-dry protection of pumps or control the flow of exhaust air ducts and air conditioning systems.

Flow sensors are not applied to perform precise measurements but to monitor limit values and flow patterns. In other words, the increase or decrease of flow speed. In this context, high repeatability is the most important feature.

The output signal can either be analog or binary, depending on whether continuous flow or a limit value is to be monitored.

TURCK insertion flow sensors operate on the thermo-dynamic principle: The flow speed is determined from thermal energy dissipated by a probe. The dissipated heat quantity serves as a measure for the flow speed.

TURCK flow sensors are available as compact devices with integrated signal processor or as insertion or inline sensor with separate processing unit. Sensor and housing are available in diff erent materials and with different connectivity. The connection technology is made for many diff erent industrial application conditions.

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  • Sensors for high temperatures and pressures
  • Sensors for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical-resistant sensors
  • Sensors for the Ex area
  • Flow sensors for the control of gaseous media