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Temperature sensors

  • Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors – Highly optimized specialists for any requirements

Temperature is a critical factor in many industrial processes and has to be monitored constantly in order to operate machines and systems safely and effi ciently.

A reliable and practical solution for temperature measurement are electronic temperature sensors and transmitters. Reliability is not just provided through high accuracy and repeatability but also through many available interfaces to the process and the operator.

Temperature measurement in industrial applications is mainly implemented with resistance thermometers or thermoelements. Resistance thermometers detect temperature through the temperaturesensitive resistors. While the resistance of PTCs increases with the rise of temperature, NTCs behave opposite.

Thermoelements are applied to detect temperatures up to +1700 °C and higher. A thermoelement consists of two different interconnected metals or semiconductors. A temperature difference between the two metals causes electric potential of corresponding magnitude at the interconnection. In practice, the temperature of a cold spot is detected with a separate probe from which the temperature of the hot spot is then deduced.

Infrared sensors M18T are applied for non-contact measurement of surface temperatures in a range between +70 °C and +1000 °C. The distance-spot ratio is thereby of importance, indicating the diameter (S) of the spot at a given distance (D).

The TURCK product portfolio guarantees maximum flexibility for temperature measurement through numerous connection possibilities and output signals.

The intelligent sensors of the TS series fulfill all application specific requirements to the optimum through easy programming, flexible process connection and well readable displays. The compact sensors of the TT/TC series are available with integrated probe but also with standard M12 plug connection for separate probes. The infrared sensors of the T-Gage series measure temperatures contactless between 0 and +300 °C at wavelengths between 8 and 14 μm. A further important device of the product portfolio is the IP67 rated Pt100 resistance thermometer for temperatures between -50 and +500 °C. The temperature probes of the TP-series are available in diff erent lengths and diameters. When using a thermowell for protection, the sensor can be adapted to critical application conditions.