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Pressure sensors

  • Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors – Reliability and flexibility on highest levels

Pressure is most commonly detected and monitored in applications of process and manufacturing industries. Equally complex are the demands on pressure sensors:

Whether applied in standard systems or exposed to extreme temperature changes, vibration, impacts or aggressive media: Each application requires a perfect solution in every respect. High-quality materials, fl exible process connections, easy programming as well as highest accuracy and many display functions are therefore essential standards of electronic pressure measurement.

Pressure is not measured as a general physical property; a pressure value has rather a special reference. The positive and negative pressure is defined as the difference between the measured pressure and the atmospheric pressure. Therefore, most measuring devices require a reference terminal open to the atmosphere. This type of pressure is also described as relative pressure or gauge.

The absolute pressure however is related to a vacuum. In actual practice, the reference side of the measuring device is hermetically sealed. The pressure and temperature of gases are mainly regulated this way in industrial applications.

With regard to differential pressure, the process pressure is connected to the reference side of the device. Filling levels, flow rates and leaks are detected by this means in systems. Most electronic pressure sensors transduce the measured pressure in deformation force which is subsequently converted into an electrical signal by strain gauges, piezo-crystals, piezoresistive, capacitive or inductive measuring principles.

TURCK pressure sensors detect and measure absolute, relative pressure as reference pressures of liquids, gases and air in nearly all industrial applications and under the most diverse conditions. The PK series is especially designed for pneumatic and vacuum applications. Rugged, compact and at the same time lightweight designed, these sensors are made for handling and automation systems.

Ideally suited for demanding hydraulic and pneumatic systems are pressure sensors of the PS series. The devices are incorporated in a stainless steel housing and operate with a ceramic measuring cell. Different versions with switching and analog output as well as 4-digit 7-segment display are user friendly and easily integrated in your system. Open standards such as VDMA menu guide and IO-Link are also supported.

The PT-series features transmitter in robust cylindrical housings made of stainless steel, without display and with linear current or voltage output.