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Inspection sensors

  • Inspection sensors

Measurement and inspection systems - Adaptable, precise and fast

Sensors and light screens operating with innovative infrared, red light and laser technology fulfill the most sophisticated measurement and inspection tasks efficiently. Changes of distance, scan angles, backgrounds, profiles, shapes, edges, surfaces, reflexions and even colors are easily detected. The sensors operate contactless, at great distances, with high resolution, fast and uninfluenced by interferences of any kind.

Different methods for distance measurement are applied, namely optical triangulation, phase shifting or pulse counting. As a result, clear differences emerge with respect to resolution, repeatability and accuracy.

The fields of application for measurement and inspection sensors are nearly infinite, covering tasks such as distance measurement, color contrasts, filling levels, parts detection, position determination and job sequencing.

Switching and measuring light screens, the so called area sensors, are applied where single beam detection would fail. Light screens consist of many single beams, detecting the quality of objects
through the diff erent switching states of each single beam.

Typical applications are package sizing and profiling in sorting plants, loop and sag detection at conveyor belts, parts counting, measuring of bores and workpieces, edge and center guiding, detection of cracks in tapes and tailback of parts on conveyor belts. In pick-to-light applications they regulate the job sequence in combination with optical and acoustic alerts.

For each application the best solution! TURCK offers the best solutions of a fullservice provider for all measurement and inspection systems: You can draw from the extensive variety of our product portfolio which is unrivalled in its scope and diversity. In addition, you can rely on our experience and competence which stand the test in uncountable applications every day.