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Magnetic field sensors for pneumatic cylinders

Magnetic field sensors are activated by magnetic fields and are especially suited for the detection of pistons in pneumatic cylinders. Based on the fact that magnetic fields can permeate non-magnetizable metals, sensors of this type detect a permanent magnet mounted on a piston through the aluminium wall of a cylinder.

Magnetic-inductive sensors from TURCK operate on a patented function principle.

The sensing range is adjusted to a core width to rule out multiple switchpoints.

Permanent magnets of different field strengths are thus reliably detected in all common cylinder types. The sensors operate wear-free, are rugged and shortcircuit protected and feature protection
class IP67.

The product range offers many solutions for standard applications, welding facilities as well as Ex-areas. TURCK also offers magnetic field sensors for analog detection tasks. They are easy to operate and even fulfill higher requirements equally reliable.

To monitor the piston position on all standard pneumatic cylinders, sensors from only one family are required, namely BIM-UNT and BIM-UNR. NAMUR sensors for explosion hazardous areas are also available.

BIM-UNT and BIM-UNR can be mounted directly on T- and C-groove cylinders. Matching accessories are available for round, tie-rod and dovetail cylinders, making the use of special versions with manual fi ne adjustment or external switchpoint setting redundant.

The family of universal magnetic field sensors for pneumatic cylinders is completed by the WIM45-UNTL with analog current and voltage output. Already existing solutions with indirect analog detection can be replaced easily by this new type.