Leuze Lumiflex Compact Plus Light Curtains

By Balluff

The Leuze Lumiflex COMPACT Plus Light curtains are now available with Blanking (fixed blanking or floating blanking), integrated muting interface, ASi Safe, relay or solid state interfaces. Certified to safety cat. 4 and AS4024 equivelents they offer a new concept in machine safety guarding

Blanking units support reduced resolution, as well as multi-zone blanking modes. Blanking can be taught in with a magnetic service key or via a key-switch input. All units include the new built in alignment aid. Optional are built in laser alignment tools. Perfect for applications requiring material feed through the curtain, or something that in mechanically mounting in part of the curtain zone, blanking modes are quick and easy to set-up.

Muting versions can be configured for many different muting modes including 2 sensor parallel, 4 sensor parallel, 4 sensor sequential, and 3 sensor directional. Available with a variety of muting interfaces, optional integrated LED muting lamp and configurable parameters (via the SAFETYlab software) the COMPACT plus curtains will solve more applications than ever before. Get more for your dollar with Leuze Lumiflex light curtains