Compact Plus Muting Transceiver

By Balluff

Productivity and safety count among the essential requirements of automated manufacturing systems. In materials handling technology, safety light barriers with a muting function can ensure the safety of personnel at all times, without holding up the conveyance of materials. The new CPRT-m type 4 multibeam safety light barrier made by Leuze Lumiflex offers a particularly flexible and economic solution for this purpose. So as to keep the outlay on cabling as low as possible, the active components - transmitter, receiver and the integrated evaluation unit - are all accommodated together in as single housing (known as a ‘transceiver’).

All the sensors that are required in order to distinguish between human beings and materials, together with the operating and display components, can likewise be connected by means of M12 connection technology directly to the device on site, without need of a cable connection to the switch cabinet. On the other side of the conveyance path a pre-adjusted deflecting mirror system effects the passive deflection of the beam back to the transceiver.

Various output component groups, selectable at will - such as semiconductors, relays or the integrated AS-i safety interface - offer optimal conditions for integrating the device with any kind of control system. The various muting modes can be selected by means of six DIP switches. An integrated infrared interface facilitates application-specific parameterisation and diagnosis by means of the SafetyLab PC software.

Muting can be more than just muting - as you can see for yourself.