Rivers Roller Shutter Lock

By Rivers Locking Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Rivers Roller Shutter Lock is a high security locking system for aluminium or steel roller shutters. The lock is incorporated into the roller shutter “bottom rail” and utilizes two 40mm x 8mm locking bars that engage into the roller shutter “guide tracks”. For additional security and protection additional locking bars are positioned symmetrically along the bottom rail that anchor into the floor via one or more “floor cups”. The Bottom Rail Lock is made to order based on the ‘overall clip length’ or ‘overall wind lock length’ of the roller shutter. The proprietary Rivers key drive lock handle is supplied as standard.  The lock will only operate the locking bars when the Rivers key is inserted into the cylinder.


Rivers Roller Shutter locks are used in government buildings, factories, warehouses, shopping centres, commercial & industrial premises. These locks are ideal for use on any steel or aluminium roller shutter that may be a target for vandalism or forced entry.  The Rivers Roller Shutter Lock provides substantial improvement in roller shutter security.


Hardware includes proprietary Rivers key drive lock handle that operates a rack and pinion mechanism driving the locking bars.  When the Rivers Roller Shutter Lock is used on electrically operated roller shutters a micro switch must be fitted to deactivate the motor drive when the lock is in the “closed” position.


The Rivers Roller Shutter Lock is factory grey primed as standard. Durable polyester powder coat can also be applied in any standard Dulux colour. Special colours are available upon request.


Rivers can fabricate the Roller Shutter Lock complete with joining slat and ship as one unit for site installation.  This eliminates the need to transport the existing bottom rail for conversion thereby maintaining security.  The Roller Shutter Lock slides onto the bottom slat of the roller shutter “Curtain”.  Floor cups are provided where required and must be recessed and securely fixed into the floor.  Rivers can provide experienced installers to correctly fit four point locks ensuring security and reliable service.