Rivers Four Point Lock

By Rivers Locking Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd

Rivers Four Point Locks are the ultimate in high security locking for solid core doors. The locks come in two configuration – Series 410 & 420 (refer to the table below for details). The locks utilizes two 50mm x 10mm locking bars in additional to two 25mm x 10mm locking bars, that each throw 45mm to individual locking points. The Four Point Lock is made to order based on the opening / door width. All Rivers Four Point Locks are fitted with an internal lever handle that rotates downward through ninety degrees to disengage the locking bars to the “open” position. As a result of this feature the lock complies with the Building Code of Australia for use in emergency egress applications.  The locks are available with a 201 cylinder (as standard) and can be Master Keyed.  Other cylinder types can be provided on request.


Rivers four point locks are recommended for use in strong and safe rooms, document storage and archives areas, financial institutions, schools, government buildings, shopping centers, council amenities buildings, computer rooms, wharehouses, record storage rooms, retail outlets, front and rear entry doors and fire exists.  Rivers four point locks are ideal for any building perimeter or internal application where security and protection of life and property is critical.

For best security and protection Rivers locks should be used in conjunction with Rivers high security door units comprising door and door frame.


Series 410 and 420 come with an internal brass chrome plated lever handle. Series 420 hardware includes an external brass chrome plated lever handle, a 201 cylinder and a stainless steel cylinder shield with anti-drill disk.


The standard Rivers Four Point Lock is factory grey primed. Special colours are available upon request.


Rivers Four Point Locking bars are surface mounted to the inside of solid doors. For an opening out door the locking bars extend through four slots cut into the door jamb. Opening in doors utilise locking bar keepers fitted to the inside face of the door frame to secure the locking bars.  Rivers can provide experienced installers to correctly fit four point locks ensuring security and reliable service.  Locks can be fitted by trained locksmiths.  Refer to fitting instructions provided with the lock.