Commercial Security Cameras

By Flir Systems Australia


FLIR Commercial Security Systems


For your perimeter security and protection needs, FLIR Systems Australia offers a full range of Thermal Security Cameras. From the country’s leading authority in thermal imaging system and component design and manufacture, FLIR Systems offer cost-effective security and solutions with its line of modern thermal imaging security cameras.


Today’s CCTV professionals are put under pressure to create a modern and reliable system of perimeter security monitoring that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Although all monitoring issues are easily addressed with daytime monitoring, nighttime monitoring is a whole different story. With that, the system requires a thermal imaging camera that could withstand unpredictable weather conditions like rain, fog, or snow. In this light, a camera that detects and captures images without the impediments of blinding sunlight and fogging due to cold weather is a definite requirement.


From the leaders in thermal imaging cameras and components, FLIR Systems brings their advanced thermal imaging technologies in the FLIR System Commercial Security Cameras to offer advanced yet cost-effective solution for perimeter monitoring and security systems. These thermal imaging security cameras are designed to capture clear images even through complete darkness with absolutely no need for complementary technologies like light or infrared illuminations, which is a common problem with other conventional CCTV cameras. Also, these thermal imaging cameras generate fewer false alarms compared to CCTV cameras that work with video motion detection or video content analysis software. As a result, the FLIR Systems Commercial Security Cameras reduces maintenance costs and limits the civil works required for installing and operating a perimeter security system.


From an initial standpoint, a conventional CCTV camera may be cheaper than a thermal camera, but they do not deliver cost effective and 100% reliable monitoring service. With FLIR’s  Commercial Security Cameras systems, you are given the most reliable and cost effective perimeter monitoring solution that suits your security requirements.


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