Scissor Lifts Range

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Scissor Lifts Range
  • Scissor Lifts Range
  • Scissor Lifts Range
  • Scissor Lifts Range


Safetech's large Scissor Lift Table range provides specialised scissor lifts for customers with large loads. These lifts include large capacity and very high travel lifts. Loads up to 50 tonne and lift table strokes of 15 metres are available and they can be supplied with many options or custom features.

Truck Lifts are an ideal substitute for truck ramps in retail centres and free up considerable letting space as well as eliminating some of the safety and maintenance issues associated with truck ramps. Click here for a video of the construction of a 25 Tonne Truck Lift.


  • Unique to Safetech is our Energy Regeneration System which reduces running costs by regenerating electrical power. It can be supplied on large lifts with higher travel.
  • Durable long life design
  • Custom platform and lift stroke
  • Platform can incorporate conveyor, personnel station, boom gates, light curtains, hand rails, load flaps, special surface treatments, chequerplate.
  • Personnel lift modifications


The scissor lifts tables basic design combines a scissor mechanism with an on-board or remote power pack and a large platform that can be used to elevate heavy loads of goods between 2 levels. This enables users to rapidly move large volumes of product in a single lift whilst eliminating manual handling or injury risk to workers.


  • Container handling
  • Vehicle and aircraft manufacture and maintenance
  • Car and truck movement
  • Container movement on ships
  • Theatre and stage installations
  • Freight Hoists


  • Variable platform sizes
  • External and remote power packs
  • IP 56 electrical fittings
  • Different platforms including chequerplate, special paints and stainless steel skins
  • Safety skirts
  • Powered traverse
  • Tandem tables
  • Lifting lugs
  • Personnel Lift Modifications

All Safetech Lift Tables meet or exceed Australian safety standards.

Personnel lifts comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations regarding the safe carrying of people on a scissor table.