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Scissor Lift Trolley Range

By King Group
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Scissor Lift Trolleys are one of the most versatile products around. They enable a person to move then raise a load up to a comfortable working height or to transfer the load onto a bench or shelving. It also helps manufacturers to lift loads to where they can be presented to machines at a working level or for operators to load or unload product rather than having to bend.
Mobile scissor lift trolleys range in capacities from 150 kg through to 1 tonne in capacity. Start height range from 250mm through to 500mm. whilst deck lift heights range from 700mm right through to 2 Mtrs, sometimes using up to three scissor arms to do so.
Manual lift is by foot operated hydraulic actuation, but battery lift and even battery drive are available.
An option can include mesh or full sides in order to retain the contents - say soiled linen.