By Optimum Handling Solutions

Optimum Handling Solutions - The TT1000 Tilt Table from Optimum Handling Solutions is a purpose built unit for tipping heavy rolls up to 1000kg from vertical to horizontal & vice versa. 

Capacity: 1000kg

Platform Height: 450mm

Available Travel: 90° 

Platform Area: 1200 x 1200mm 

Tilt Protections: Safety bar

Tilt Time: Adjustable

Motor: 415V 3 phase

Controls: Pushbutton wall mount control

Finish: Industrial spray enamel

Features of TT1000 Tilt Table

Low Voltage Controls - Although the tilter operates from a 415V power supply, the controls are low voltage, complying with the relevant Australian Standard.

No-Leak Hydraulics - Hydraulic cylinders are oversize to operate at low pressure ensuring long life of both hoses & seals. A tell tale return line provides a visible indication of cylinder seal condition while returning any by-passed oil back to the reservoir. This virtually eliminates the risk of oil leaks.

Reliable & Effective Safety Protection - The over travel safety bar cuts power to the tilt table on contact with obstructions, eliminating the need for vinyl or metal skirts. These skirts are vulnerable to damage, making them ineffectual.

Internal Power Pack - The power pack is located inside the tilt table footprint so that it does not interfere with operator movement or create a hazard.

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