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Thu Jan 17 2019

Stillage unloading with Optimum Scissor Lifts

By Optimum Handling Solutions
  • Stillage unloading with Optimum Scissor Lifts

Optimum Handling has completed a Stillage Scissor lift table that has resulted in increased efficiency in removing products from transport stillage cages.

Optimum Handling Solutions PAL – EVATOR scissor lifts were implemented, which allow the stillage to be rotated on the scissor lift, enabling multiple operators to access the products without bending or stretching.

Four locating lugs enable the stillage cage to be accurately and quickly positioned on the PAL-EVATOR scissor lift which in turn has also resulted in increased forklift operator efficiency.

As the stillage is unloaded, the scissor lift self adjusts to ensure a comfortable working height for the operators.

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