Scissor Lift with Height Sensor

  • Scissor Lift with Height Sensor

Scissor Lifts with automatic height sensor from Optimum Handling Solutions. A new innovation to pallet positioning with scissor lifts is available which automatically maintains your pre-determined working height when loading or unloading palletized products.

A built in adjustable height sensor constantly monitors the top layer of any product on the scissor lift. The scissor lift automatically raises or lowers as needed to maintain the required loading or unloading height. If the low profile scissor lift is being used for loading pallets, once the scissor lift is fully loaded and down to its minimum height of 85mm a hand pallet truck can be used to offload the loaded pallet from the scissor lift and loaded with a fresh pallet ready for the next procedure.

This innovation from Optimum Handling Solutions brings about significant improvement in productivity and efficiency and also a reduction of fatigue and injury. It is an essential and innovative materials handling solution.

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