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Thu May 23 2019

Pal-evator® Scissor Lift

By Optimum Handling Solutions
  • Pal-evator® Scissor Lift

Loading or unloading heavy pallets? You need a new generation Pallet Elevator! (Change the load capacity in seconds!)

Optimum Handling Solutions has developed a new Pal-evator® heavy-duty static scissor lift pallet elevator with a turntable that opens to allow easy spring capacity changes.

The Pal-evator® is designed to eliminate bending and stretching when loading or unloading palletized goods. The Pal-evator® keeps the working area at the required height, and to avoid reaching and stretching the operator can rotate the load, this gives easier access to the working area. The weight capacity of this static spring type scissor lift is easily adjusted by varying the amount and capacity of the springs needed for a particular load weight.

This scissor lift is a very heavy-duty construction and is suitable for heavy-duty use in all types of factory materials handling.

The benefits of the Pal-evator® scissor lift are – Increase productivity and operator efficiency, while reducing operator fatigue and injury and your exposure to litigation.

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