1 - 3 Tonnes Scissor Lifts

By Safetech Pty Ltd

Smartlift Scissor Lifts Tables and Scissor Hoists combine an extensive range of capacities, features and options to provide the factory and warehouse with lifting and work positioning. Safetech scissor lifts / scissor table range are durable and includes many safety features are exclusive to Safetech.

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  • SMARTLIFT controls standard on all scissor lifts tables. Unique to Safetech they provide automatic down-indexing, electronic diagnostics and enhanced safety features.
  • Manual and powered turntables.
  • Tilting decks.
  • Varied deck sizes and surfaces available for scissor lifts.
  • Designed for safety, Smartlift scissor lifts tables meet or exceed all industry standards.


  • Manual or automatic turntables to rotate the load.
  • Tilting decks that present the product to the operator.
  • High cycle capacity.
  • Safety bars or skirts to protect operators.
  • Varied deck construction, stainless steel, chequerplate and more.
  • Special frames to capture the load.
  • Scissor lift tables can be adapted for use as personnel lifts.
  • Low height scissor tables for use with hand pallet trucks.
  • Controls can be automated or interlocked with associated equipment


Our unique workbench options have been designed for workers who use their scissor lifts table as a fabrication or assembly bench.

  • On Board power outlets that eliminate trailing electrical cords.
  • Multiple hand or foot controls can be supplied to prevent unnecessary movement around the table to change its elevation.
  • Welded edge tabs to store tools and welding guns on the table.
  • A slide out tray to store tools and plans in.
  • Plumbing for air hoses.

Lift Table Basics  

What is a Lift Table?    

A lift table is exactly what its name implies.  In its simplest form, it is a platform or table that can be raised or lowered to any height desired within its range of vertical movement.
The basic parts of a lift table are:

The base supports the rest of the assembly.  It has to be strong, rigid, and stable.  In most cases it is designed to sit on the floor but it can also be built into a pit or supplied with wheels or casters or furnished with fork sockets.


The platform can be of any size that is compatible with the base and legs. Specifically, the platform can be no smaller than the length or width of legs/base.  Platforms can be larger than the legs/base.  Platforms can be furnished with a variety of options such as conveyor tops, turntables, tilt tops, or tops equipped with clamps or special work fixtures.

For extra high lifting with small footprint, multiple scissor lift tables are ideal.

The power package (most commonly electro-hydraulic) consists of an electric motor, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic fluid reservoir, hydraulic cylinder, piping, valving, and controls.


Australia safety codes require that electrical controls should be 32 volts or less at the control. Wall mounted, foot control and hand pendants are all commonly used controls.
Safetech lift tables employ a unique controller, the Smartlift that operates on 12 volts. It also provides the operator with extra safety features, electrical diagnostics and automatic indexing.


  • Manual palletising or depalletising.
  • Loading or unloading of stillages, containers, bins, bags, bricks, tiles.
  • Commonly used alongside conveyor, feeding hoppers, extruders, process and production equipment.
  • Goods Hoists
  • Scissor lift tables are ideal ergonomic workbenches

Care must be taken to prevent entrapment of limbs either in the mechanism or under the scissor lifts table's edge. A safety bar is the best protection whilst skirts are also used. The safety bar stops the downward movement of the table upon contact with any obstruction.

Scissor lift tables are often used in conjunction with forklift trucks and they can sometimes damage the table leading to operating failure or injury.

Scissor Lifts are active lifting devices and, as such, may be covered by statutory requirements similar to those applying to lifts and cranes.

Scissor lifts must be appropriately specified for use in washdown, corrosive or flammable environments or high cycle applications.

Scissor lift prices rise rapidly as extra lift is required - because that requires extra sets of scissors, in high cycle applications or where hand pallet truck only access demands a low height profile table.

Stainless steel scissor tables are available but expensive.