Weighbridge Service & Certification By AccuWeigh

By AccuWeigh

AccuWeigh’s Newcastle branch recently won a contract for providing weighbridge service and certification testing for RTA’s Kankool weighbridge near Tamworth.

RTA’s Kankool weighbridge is a multi-deck weighbridge comprising five individual weighbridge decks to enable all axle group weights to be displayed concurrently during a single vehicle weighing. The individual weighbridge decks have capacities of 20t, 30t, 30t, 30t & 60t for an overall total weighbridge capacity of 170t.

As well as supplying weighbridge service, AccuWeigh was required to fit upgraded external lightning protection to all 20 weighbridge loadcells, the five digital weight indicators and the summing indicator of this multi-deck weighbridge.  For further weighbridge protection against damage caused by a surge entering the weighbridge loadcells and electronics through the 240VAC inputs, five power supply filters were also fitted.

AccuWeigh is Australia's largest industrial weighing company with service crews throughout Australia that regularly perform testing and calibration duties on weighbridges of all types and brands.