High Level Safety Barrier

By Sherwood Design & Engineering

The Sherwood High Level Safety Barrier affords protection for personnel working at levels above ground, when engaged in loading or unloading goods by any means, but in particular, by overhead crane or fork-lift.

Under present circumstances, it is necessary to remove a section of protective handrailing or caternary chains, to provide openings on high level platforms or scaffolds for the handling of goods and thus for some periods of time, the high level platform is not guarded and an operator may fall to the ground or the load may be inadvertantly dislodged and fall.

The Australian Code AS 1657-1992 covering fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders recognises this situation under clause 3.2.2.

The High Level Safety Barrier is designed to give permanent and continuous protection to anyone working at a high level loading point and once installed, the Barrier must be used by the operator to gain access to the load or goods and he is never without protection.

The Barrier comes as a standard or can be 'tailor made' for each loading point to accommodate varying site conditions, having regard for height and width of load, head clearance and other variables. For high loads a different configuration is used in the form of an 'SP'.

The High Level Safety Barrier is in the form of a swinging gate, revolving about a horizontal axis between two fixed pivot points and swinging through an arc of 180 degrees for the standard barrier or 90 degrees for the 'SP' barrier, between its two extreme stationery positions.

One tension spring at each pivot point on the Standard Barrier provides a rotational assisting moment for easy manual operation. The 'SP' Barrier is a simple counter weighted design.

The standard material used for construction is 'Duragal' galvansed tube.


  • Small floor space envelope
  • Designed & built to last a lifetime
  • Simple quick operation
  • Set & forget- operator must use it to gain access to the load
  • The Sherwood¬†barrier is a workcover recognised safety product