Butterfly Valve Lockout

By Mayo Hardware

Butterfly valves are found in almost all manufacturing, mining and industrial facilities. At some point, these valves will need to be locked out in order to perform maintenance.

There are limited solutions available today, and market research has revealed that they don't actively meet end user requirements. An intuitive, easy-to-use, effective butterfly valve lockout device has been a growing need across all markets.

Mayo Hardware is excited to introduce the S3920/S3921 Butterfly Valve Lockout Device from Master Lock.
This new product features a compact and portable design that is easy-to-use, applies in seconds and effectively locks out the energy source.
Available with or without a 900mm cable lockout, simply slide the wedge-shaped device between the butterfly valve handle and lever, feed the cable around the valve neck and tighten to effectively secure in place.
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