Compact Zenex™ Safety Padlocks

By Mayo Hardware

By definition, safety is keeping people out of harm's way. As such, an effective safety padlock is crucial.

A recent addition to Master Lock’s range is the S31 safety padlock which is designed to fit smaller diameter lockout points.

Constructed from Zenex™ a durable non-conductive material, the Master Lock S31 incorporates a thinner 4.76mm marine grade 316 stainless steel shackle which allows it to function effectively even in corrosive environments.

Weighing just 75g, the S31 is extremely lightweight making it easy to carry. It comes with a weather tough cover which is designed to keep dust, dirt & grime out.

The S31 is available in nine UV resistant colours for fast visual identification of departments or work teams and come complete with permanent, write-on danger ID labels.

Additional accessories and services are available, including laser engraving of your company logos, team or employee names.

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