Lockout Kits & Padlock Stations

By Mayo Hardware

Master Lock Lockout Kits combine commonly used electrical and/or valve lockout devices into relevant kits for individual workers.

All padlocks whin the kits are keyed alike for worker convenience.

Lockout kits are available in a variety of different sized pouches which allow easy attachment to a workers belt or their lockout tool boxes.

Customised lockout kits are also available to cover different industries and applications.

Master Lock also offer Padlock Stations which are available in a variety of sizes and styles. One-piece polycarbonate construction provides twice the heat reistance and quadruples the impact strength of normal stations.

Padlock stations serve to provide a central and secure place for storing safety padlocks. They can also be used to store hasps, tags and lockout accessories.

Padlock stations should be positioned as close to the piece of plant that needs to be isolated. This ensures that lockout equipment is readily available at the time maintenance or repairs need to be carried out.

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