Confined Space Control Covers

By Mayo Hardware

Confined Space Control Covers

Mayo Hardware is pleased to advise the recent addition of innovative Confined Space Control Covers (CSCC) to its expanding range of lockout/tagout accessories.

Lockable and adjustable, the CSCC's fit most entry/egress points n order to prevent unauthorised access to a confined space.

CSCC's are supplied with interchangeable signs (Confined Space, Enter By Permit Only and Isolation, Do Not Remove) which allows them to be used for access control or as an isolation accessory. 

Why Use Confined Space Control Covers?

Current Industry Practices

Access to confined spaces is commonly controlled by the use of barricade tape. Not only can this be easily removed, but it provides no clear safety message and also allows foreign objects such as dust, dirt and vermin to enter the confined space.

The Solution

Confined Space Control Covers are flexible, resuable and lockable. With a variety of materials and sizes to suit available, they not only control access to confined spaces but also provide a clear safety message.

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