Livngstone Gloves



Protect your hands with Livingstone


A vast range of gloves is available from Livingstone International and are recommended for Food Processing, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, First Aid, Industrial Cleaning, Mining Industry, etc.

Latex Gloves are sold as low powder and powder free. They come in handy disposable packs of 100 pieces. These gloves are lightweight with excellent tactile sensitivity and are recommended for First Aid, Medical, Laboratories and Manufacturing Industry.

Vinyl Gloves are also available as low powder and powder free, sold in disposable packs of 100 pieces. These gloves are resistant to oil and fat and are recommended for Food Handling, Manufacturing, Processing and Catering Industries.

Polyethylene Gloves are great for food preparation and handling, assembly and packaging. They are sold in packs of 100 pieces.

Rubber Gloves are sold as cotton lined, flock lined, silver lined and unlined. Generally used for cleaning and janitorial, hospitality and food manufacturing they are sold in pairs.

Cotton Gloves are made of genuine cotton fiber. They increase dexterity and are great insulators from hot and cold temperatures. Sold 12 pairs in a pack these gloves are used for Food Industry, Manufacturing, Light Assembly and Engineering. 

PVC Gloves provide great protection from abrasion whereas Rigger Gloves have high durability. They are both used by Automotive, Engineering, Mining and Construction and are sold in pairs.

Livingstone also distributes Chemical Resistant, Heat and Cut Resistant and Latex Coated Safety Gloves sold in pairs.


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