Latex Electrical Gloves

By Honeywell Safety Products Australia
  • Latex Electrical Gloves

Electrosoft Latex gloves offer the widest range of conditions for use from 500 to 36000 volts. Latex gloves possess high dielectric characteristics, making them perfect for use in many electrical applications, from low voltage to ultra high voltage. When used in conjunction with a leather overglove, these electrical gloves offer protection against cutting or tearing.


  • Meets all protection classes from 00 to 4
  • Natural latex base is available with either cut or rolled edges.
  • Use when the site already has overgloves that they want to utilize.
  • Cheaper and more economical.
  • Available in multiple sizes to suit most electrical applications.


  • Any application when coming into contact with high voltage electricity.


Material: 100% Latex
Lining: Non Flocked
Recommendations for Use

  • Always define a voltage of use to select the adequate class of gloves from 00 to 4.
  • Only wear tested and approved insulating gloves.
  • Do not use gloves older tan 1 year from the date of manufacture without prior testing.
  • After each use, conduct a visual control by inflating the glove with air to check for air leaks.