Livingstone Shoe Covers


Livingstone Shoe Covers


Livingstone Shoe covers eliminate cross contamination of footwear that can strike when least expected. They are sold in convenient disposable packs of 1,000 pieces and are available in a selection of blue and white colours. A variety of materials available includes Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Vinyl and Non-Woven.


The Polypropylene shoe covers are great for dusty and grimy environments and work better in dry environments where there is a risk of cross contamination.  On the other side Polyethylene material is resistant to moisture and is also non-linting, and anti-static.

Vinyl shoe covers offer high strength and provide an excellent barrier in both wet and dry conditions. They are easy to remove and offer high level of protection after being subjected to abrasion and flexing. They are slip resistant and washable.

Non-Woven shoe covers are excellent for dust protection and splash protection with sealed elastic edge for a secure fit. They are also anti slip, which makes them safer to use.


Livingstone Shoe Covers are widely used by Healthcare, Manufacturing, Packaging and Business Environments, or anywhere there is a risk of cross contamination.


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