Modular Safety Relays: PNOZpower

  • Modular Safety Relays: PNOZpower
Switching high loads safely
Use the modular safety relay PNOZpower to monitor E-STOP, safety gates and light barriers.
With PNOZpower you can switch currents of up to 16 A AC/DC per contact. An overall breaking capacity of 40 A is available per module.
In each case, external contactors and contactor combinations are no longer required. The base unit processes the inputs; the output modules are specifically matched to the respective load. The number and capacity of the required safety contacts can be scaled, depending on the application. You can connect a maximum of five modules to the base unit. Modules are wired to the base unit via an internal bus system.
Use the PNOZpower to monitor your safety functions:
  • E-STOP
  • Safety gate
  • Light grid
  • Time delay
Why PNOZpower?
PNOZpower switches higher capacities and therefore larger loads than other safety relays.
With PNOZpower you can shut down your drives and heavy loads directly. Rather than two contactors, all you need is one PNOZpower module. So you can save time and wiring costs. At the same time you are increasing safety by employing a consistent, approved, overall solution.
Use PNOZpower as an economical solution for contact expansion. Using simple plug and play it is easy to expand your number of contacts. So you can distribute your loads evenly with little effort.
The ability to switch higher capacities isn't the only benefit of PNOZpower.
Don't just use PNOZpower to switch heavy loads safely. PNOZpower can do so much more! Save costs on applications with more than 5 safety contacts. It's easy to add extra contacts to the system. Thanks to the modular structure, this can be done without the need for additional wiring.
  • External contactor combinations and the related wiring are no longer required, so you save costs, space and commissioning time
  • Reduce your downtimes through diagnostics via LED; call up the operating and fault status for each module
  • Units can be prewired and any faulty units can simply be swapped over thanks to plug-in connection terminals
  • Redundant load switching
  • Only pay for the functions that you actually use: Scalable and flexible through the selection of compatible modules
PNOZpower modules are not exclusively driven via the PNOZ p1p base unit. Using the coupling connector PNOZ pe2p it can be connected to the PNOZmulti modular safety relay or to PSS programmable control systems. Power modules switch off supply voltages and motors directly and safely. The ability to switch high currents of up to 16 A per module removes the need for external contactors. And you can also enjoy the benefits of the PNOZmulti or PSS programmable control systems.
  • For high loads and high capacity
  • Robust
  • Drives can be shut down directly
  • Simple diagnostics
  • Plug-in connection terminals
  • Redundant load switching