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Tue Mar 26 2019

Compact Safety Relays: PNOZsigma

By Pilz

Maximum Functionality in Minimum Width

The new compact safety relays PNOZsigma combine many years of experience with today's very latest safety technology: you can achieve maximum safety and cost-effectiveness with minimum effort.

With particularly narrow housing widths and multifunctionality compressed into each unit, PNOZsigma provides maximum functionality in minimum width. Right now you can use safety technology that

  • saves more space,
  • is more flexible,
  • quicker,
  • and therefore more efficient.

PNOZsigma monitors safety-related functions such as E-STOP, safety gate, light grid or two-hand control on stand-alone machines. Just a few unit types cover a wide range of applications.


PNOZsigma is the ideal solution for monitoring safety-related functions such as E-STOP, safety gates, light curtains or two-hand control on stand-alone machines. Economical application across all phases of a project was a particular priority for us when developing this modern safety relay.


  • Up to 50% space saving in the control cabinet

    The multifunctionality of the PNOZsigma is compressed into a compact enclosure. The housings are up to 50% smaller compared with standard safety relays on the market. Housing widths are available from just 12.5 mm. The benefit is obvious: narrower widths save space within the control cabinet, and therefore costs!

  • Rapid commissioning and expansion

Using PNOZsigma can reduce the amount of wiring by up to 20 % - thanks to innovative connection technology:
       - Plug-in connection terminals
       - Innovative spring-loaded technology
       - Contact expansion via jumpers

Each PNOZsigma is available with either screw terminals or spring-loaded terminals. All terminals are plug-in terminals - so a fitter can prepare the wiring in advance at the workstation and then just connect the wired terminals to the devices in the control cabinet.

If a specific wire is to be removed and rewired, a fitter can now open the two chambers on the terminal separately thanks to the new spring-loaded technology on the PNOZsigma. This ensures that no other wires are pulled out unintentionally.

One particular highlight is the way you just "click" to expand the contacts: Contact expander modules can be connected to the base unit via jumpers - so there's no time-consuming wiring on either unit!

  • High availability and diagnostics in seconds

    High switching capabilities up to 12 A guarantee high machine availability and a long service life for the PNOZsigma units. And PNOZsigma can also handle safely the switching of the smallest loads, from 10mA. Thanks to universal power supplies from 48 - 240 V, this new safety relay is also resistant to mains fluctuations.

    When servicing, diagnostics are available quickly at a glance: each PNOZsigma has 6 LED indicators displaying switch and fault conditions. It is not usually necessary to connect external measuring devices.

  • Invest today in the technology of the future

    Just a few unit types from PNOZsigma are enough to cover a wide range of applications: for example, you can use the PNOZs5 to monitor an E-STOP function, a safety gate or a light grid. When a safety gate has been opened and closed, for example, operating mode selector switches can be used to select whether a machine is to have a monitored or automatic reset.

  • Few unit types covering many safety functions

    The benefit of this multifunctionality: your stock only needs to include a few unit types, which can be used in a variety of applications.

    The PNOZsigma was developed on the basis of many years of experience gained by the technology leaders in the safety relay sector. The result today is a trendsetting technology which you can use to implement safety technology economically. With the PNOZsigma you are investing for the future, with a strong partner at your side.

    Use the complete solution from Pilz and supplement the PNOZsigma with compatible, approved safety components: from E-STOP pushbuttons to safe sensors such as safety switches and light curtains, through to operator terminals for diagnostics and visualisation.


  • Selectable Operating Modes for Maximum Flexibility
    Using operating mode selector switches you can set your PNOZsigma unit to suit your own process and safety requirements:
                - Selectable reset modes: manual, automatic, monitored, with start-up testing
                - Selectable operating mode: With or without detection of shorts across contacts
                - Selectable time delays between 0 ... 300 seconds
                - Selectable timer functions: delay-on energisation, delay-on de-energisation, pulsing
  • Widths from 12.5mm
    Multifunctionality compressed into minimum space: PNOZsigma units are up to 50%narrower than standard safety relays - saving you space in the control cabinet and also reducing costs.  
  • 6 LEDs for diagnostics in seconds
    Each PNOZsigma unit has 6 descriptive LEDs to display switch and fault conditions: Power, In1, In2, Out, Reset, Fault. So diagnostics are available quickly when servicing and there's no need to connect external measuring devices.
  • Just 'click' to expand the contacts
    Jumpers can be used to connect contact expander modules to the respective base unit. There's no wiring involved whatsoever!
  • New spring-loaded technology
    PNOZsigma units are available with proven, screwless spring-loaded terminals as well as screw terminals. These ensure that the wiring work is completed quickly and that the wires are held securely via the cage clamp.

    A special feature of the PNOZsigma is the new spring-loaded technology for opening specific terminal chambers: each terminal point - in other words each input or output - has two terminal chambers, which on the PNOZsigma can either be opened together or separately. So a fitter can specifically remove the relevant wire individually, without pulling out any of the other wires unintentionally.

  • Rapid assembly on to top hat rail
    The PNOZsigma housing is simply clipped on or off using spring clips - there's no need for tools. So top-hat rail assembly is particularly quick and easy.
  • Uniform functional setup makes engineering easier
    The layout of the functions and operator elements on each PNOZsigma is standardised. The terminals are labelled and positioned identically. So connections and devices can always be assigned quickly for configuration, installation and diagnostics.   
  • Protection from manipulation and contamination
    To protect against manipulation and contamination, all the setting elements are protected by a cover flap, which can also be sealed if necessary.