Compact Safety Relays: PNOZelog

By Pilz
  • Compact Safety Relays: PNOZelog

Solid-state safety

The innovative PNOZelog product range combines the experience of electromechanical safety relays with the advantages of modern electronics.

With PNOZelog you can reliably monitor up to four safety functions. Wear-resistance, safety and long service life ensure that it is cost-effective to use.

Save on wiring! PNOZelog is easy to link through logic operations. 

Increase the availability of your machine thanks to expanded diagnostics. Power-up tests, self-checking and runtime tests also guarantee maximum safety.




Use the PNOZelog to monitor your safety functions:

  • E-STOP
  • Safety gate
  • Light grids
  • Safety mats
  • Two-hand
  • Time delay

PNOZelog is electronic in structure. This means it is non-wearing and is also suitable for use in difficult environmental conditions.

The fact that it is non-wearing is particularly important in applications with recurring functions. For example, these include the monitoring of:

Mobile applications in particular benefit from the unit's resistance to difficult environmental conditions. In the commercial vehicle sector for example.


Take advantage of the shock and vibration-resistant PNOZelog. Particularly in mobile applications where vibration levels are high. The use of modern electronics ensures the units are durable and maintenance-free.

  • Consistent use of semi-conductor technology means no maintenance is necessary, so there are no malfunctions due to contact welding, contamination, bounce or burning.
  • Continuous self-checks provide the highest level of safety; fault detection is not linked to the on/off cycle
  • Long service life, even with frequent operations or cyclical functions
  • Safe switching operations even on the smallest of loads
  • Resistant to environmental conditions
  • Long service life
  • Extended diagnostics
  • Electronic
  • Non-wearing
  • Linkable
  • Compact

    Interconnect PNOZelog to form complete safety functions. Logic connections are available for this purpose. These logic AND / OR connections remove the need for additional wiring on the output. Both outputs on the PNOZelog are free to use.

    Monitor two safety functions simultaneously with just a single unit. That reduces the space requirement in the control cabinet.

    • PNOZ 5.11p simultaneously monitors an E-STOP/safety gate combination or two safety gates

    Do you need to monitor more than four safety functions? Then find out more about the multifunctional safety relay PNOZmulti.