Silicone and Fibreglass Sleeve

By Jehbco
  • Silicone and Fibreglass Sleeve

GS-N5 is a high quality, high temperature electrical insulation sleeving consisting of an extrusion coating of specially formulated silicone rubber over closely braided, electrical fibreglass. Fibreglass pre-treatments result in strong adhesion between glass sleeve and silicone coating. The high pressure coating process ensures a smooth, even surface, without the wall thickness variation and the pimples and protrusions of broken fibres which are typical of sleevings produced by some alternative coating systems. GS-N5 sleeving is also characterised by its flexibility and smooth, firm inner wall, allowing easy cable insertion.

GS-N5-FR contains additional flame retardants and is self extinguishing when tested according to the UL1441 VW-1 vertical flammability test.

  • Operating Temp. Range: -70 degrees C to 200 degrees C
  • Pick Temperature: short term exposure up to 300 degrees C

  • Brittle Point: -75 degrees C

  • Flamability: 

  • GS-N5 - Extremely slow burning (zero burn rate under UL 1441 horizontal flame test)
  • GS-N5-FR - Self extinguishing (zero burn rate under UL 1441 VW-1 vertical flame test)


  • Electrical grade fibreglass, free from impurities.

  • Environmentally safe (solvent free) adhesion process.
  • DUROMETER (ASTM D2240) : 50 ShA
  • TENSILE STRENGTH (ASTMD412) : 960 psi
  • ELONGATION (ASTM D412) : 300%
  • PUSH BACK AFTER HEAT AGING (ASTM D350 168 hrs / 250 degrees C) : No cracks
  • FLEXIBILITY : Highly Flex