By Gates Australia

Hydraulic Hose & Connectors: Choose from Gates wide range of MSHA-approved products, from low pressure return lines to extremely high pressure hydraulic hoses. Gates also offer a full line of international thread ends for spiral-wire and wire-braid hoses. 

As part of an integrated solution, the Gates MegaSys® hydraulic hose and coupling system offers a combination of technology, performance and flexibility that is unmatched by anything on the market today. 

Most manufacturers use the minimum SAE specifications as their performance benchmark, Gates aim much higher.  For impulse life, the wire-braid hose is tripled to 600,000 cycles and the spiral-wire is doubled to 1,000,000 cycles, that’s 3 and 2 times the SAE specification.  Even more remarkable is the tests are conducted at tight bend radii; the spiral-wire hose is up to half the SAE minimum bend and the wire-braid hose to one third the minimum bend.  This means extended hose life, more flexibility, easier, tighter routing and an overall lower cost of ownership. Ideal for mining applications, MegaSys® is both FRAS & MSHA approved. 

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Industrial Hose Products: From general purpose hose to specialty products, nobody matches the coverage of the Gates product line. Gates Industrial Hose moves food, fuel and other essentials from end to end. Application-specific hoses like these are at the heart of the system:

  • Acid chemical hoses are flexible, lightweight and engineered to safely transfer the most corrosive substances.
  • Air and multi-purpose hoses offer excellent flexibility and maximum resistance to weather and ozone while conveying air, water and other substances. 

Terminator® is one tough hose with a rugged cover for outstanding abrasion resistance and extended service life where constant flexing and bending is required. This top of the line, premium, oil resistant hose is designed for applications involving air, oil, water and more. It offers excellent durability for extra long life in several applications.

Premo Flex® is the perfect choice for multiple applications requiring a highly flexible, cost effective hose with maximum resistance to petroleum oils, kerosene and fuel oil (to 49°C), and lubricating oils (to 100°C). Premo Flex® can be used for transferring petrol or diesel fuels. It is also suitable for air and water applications. Premo Flex® offers excellent weather and ozone resistance.

  • Food and beverage hoses meet FDA sanitary requirements, resist abrasion and soiling on the outside and will not impart taste to food products.
  • Material handling hoses come with an assortment of tube and cover materials that will handle the suction/discharge of dry commodities and liquids.
  • Petroleum transfer and dispensing hoses for commercial fuels, oils and other petroleum products are tough and easy to handle. 
  • Steam transfer hoses safely handle pressures up to 250 psi and temperatures up to 232°C, including superheated and saturated steam, wet or dry.
  • Water handling and dispensing hoses provide superior water and light chemical service in industrial, construction, agriculture, mining and waste management applications.