Six Rib

By Freeman Roofing
  • Six Rib

This modern profile is fashioned for maximum strength and is suitable for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Six Rib has an extra rib compared to most other products, giving it a distinctive profile and greater rigidity.

Strength: The rib height and rib spacing of Six Rib makes it amongst the strongest
roofing profiles in its class, suitable for low pitch roofing.

Appearance: Six Rib roofing and cladding offers a unique aesthetic appearl,
particularly in domestic roofing applications.

Long Run: Modern roll forming technology allows Six Rib roofing and cladding to be manufactured in continuous lengths.

Crimping: Six Rib can be crimp-curved.

Pan Swage: The pan swage enhances appearance.

Colour Choice: A wide range of standard colours is available. Additional colours and coatings are available on request