Corrugate Roofing

By Freeman Roofing
  • Corrugate Roofing

A timeless classic and one of New Zealand's most utilized roofing profiles. Corrugate is equally suited for setting trends as a modern roofing solution or recapturing the style of yester-year. Roll formed to the traditional gently curved profile, corrugate is light, strong and functionally versatile, making it popular for domestic, rural and commercial applications.

Corrugate is intended for use as long run roofing, wall cladding and internal lining.

Versatility: Corrugate can be used either vertically or horizontally as a cladding. It is
also ideal for feature walls, fences and screens.

Long Run: Modern roll forming technology allows Corrugate roofing and cladding to be manufactured in continuous lengths.

Curving: When manufactured from .55mm G300 steel, Corrugate roofing and cladding is ideal for roll curving. It can be machine rolled to a minimum inside radius curve of 400cm for a variety of applications including barrel ridges, corners on walls that are clad horizontally, and bull nose curves.

Colour Choice: A wide range of standard colours is available. Additional colours and coatings are available on request.