Güdel Linear Axis – Modular Belt Drive

By CNC Design Pty Ltd

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Modular linear axis MLB with belt drives are specially suited for general handling applications for packaging and logistics, as well as for the food and medical industry. MLBs by GÜDEL are characterized by highly dynamic and low-noise linear guidance systems built on an aluminium profile. They are very compact with an integrated drive unit (Güdel High-performance worm gear) as well as being rigid with high precision. Linear axes are available in lengths up to 6000mm.


The stationary drive unit and motor reduce the moving mass to a minimum and in many cases make complex power transmission with chains unnecessary. The functions: guidance, drive and positioning are combined in a single unit which makes it easy to integrate into a complete system and make it possible to mount in any position.


The plain carriage platform enables you to freely set up grippers, structures, etc.


Three build sizes, a wide range of options and versions are available to make the MLB a product easy to integrate into your system.


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For larger strokes and higher performances we refer you to our single axis portals made of steel (type EP).