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Retail Scales, Shop Scales, Prepack Scales - All available from Accuweigh.

By AccuWeigh

Accuweigh is the exclusive Australian distributor for the European manufactured Dibal retail scales and weigh price labellers which offer exceptional value for money as well as providing features not available on other brands of retail scales at the same price.One of the extremely valuable features of Dibal's K series is the ability for the operator to easily format the ticket designs to suit their existing lable stock - no need to source a different lable stock to use the Dibal retail or prepack scales.

From small family shops to large supermarkets, the Accuweigh/Dibal retail scales meet all your weighing and labelling needs in a very simple way. The K series shop scales are capable of printing both labels and receipts from the one unit. The 3 line alpha-numeric LCD display has very bright backlighting to enable it to be read under all conditions and there are three body types available.

Accuweigh/Dibal price computing scales and retail printing scales are ideal for:

 Deli Scales
 Fruit Scales
 Butchers Scales
 Prepack scales
 Ticket scales
 Pricing scales
 Weigh Labellers
 Weigh Price Labellers

Accuweigh also offers CAS POS scales and the complete range of AND Mercury's retail scales.

Accuweigh is Australia's largest weighing and packaging company with fully trained personnel in all states specialising in after sales support; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.