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Cavotec Micro-control has been involved since 1984 with the development and production of advanced radio remote control systems. These remote control systems are renowned for the high quality and ergonomic design. All systems have a high level of flexibility and are made from standard modules allowing for full customization to meet specific requirements.

The MC-1000 has been designed with the aim to provide an extremely cost efficient solution to many radio remote control needs. Thanks to its robust and easy to use design, the MC-1000 has become the preferred choice for many industry operators.

The receiver of the MC-1000 comes standard with built-in logic capability. This feature allows several functions, such as interlocking, sequences and timing functions, to be pre-programmed directly in the unit without a PLC or relay connection.

Menu system
The receiver has a built-in menu system with a text display of 2 x 16 characters and simple menu navigation system. During normal operation the display shows the operational state. By using the menu system it is possible to view all the configuration parameters and log file. Operating parameters can be changed by using the menu system.

The MC-1000 is prepared for configuration on site. It consists of a terminal unit, two rechargeable batteries, a battery charger and a base unit with relay outputs.