By Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation supplies a range of Wieland and Pilz Two Hand Relays to detect faults in two-hand controls, wiring and contactors safety circuits. They also provide switching action as an intermediate relay.  They are used to protect people when using machines with a high potential of injury, by having the hands outside the hazardous area and operating the relays with both hands within a time frame of 500 ms. All two-hand Safety relays are suitable for Safety Category 4/Pl e as per EN ISO 13849 and Type III C safety requirement as per EN 574.

The Wieland range includes:

  • SNZ 4052 K-A
    • 2 Safety contacts (N/O)
    • 1 Auxiliary contact (N/C)

The Pilz range includes:

  • PNOZ s6
    • 3 Safety contacts (N/O)
    • 1 Auxiliary contact (N/C)
    • 1 S/C Output (N/C)

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