Eddy-Current Separator


Eddy-Current Separators from Serpent & Dove-Applied Magnetics remove non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper from plastics, glass, wood and waste.

Consisting of a short belt conveyor with a high speed magnetic rotor system installed at the discharge end within a separately rotating non-metallic drum, the Eddy Current Separator induces eddy currents into non-ferrous metals. (Prior to the ECS a magnetic separator such as a magnetic drum or a magnet over the feed belt is used to remove ferrous materials)

The eddy currents induced in the non-ferrous metals, in turn, produce a magnetic field, opposing the inducing field and causing strong repulsion. Repelled metal pieces are directed over a splitter plate to a rejects chute. 

The remaining materials such as plastics, glass or dry recyclables simply free-fall over the rotor to their collection point.