SSI Schaefer Selective Pallet Racking

  • SSI Schaefer Selective Pallet Racking

SSI Schaefer Interlock 600 selective Pallet Racking system enables products to be placed and removed without interfering with other pallets and a wide variety of versatile configurations can be achieved.

Schaefer racking has 50mm beam pitch for optimum capacity & space utilisation & the end frames are 2mm thick (most other manufacturer’s provide only 1.8mm thick material).

Schaefer racking is suitable for a large variety of goods, it’s economical installation and utilisation makes it the ideal multi-storage unit.

Almost all configurations can be accommodated, longitudinal beam racking, front-to -back racking and drive-in/drive through racking for maximum storage capacity occupying minimum space.

The frames are bolted together for maximum load bearing capacity & have the advantage to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. This modern racking system is a versatile modular system for individual solutions.

Schaefer racking is manufactured to meet AS4084-1993 & the European standard FEM 10.2.02. If you are thinking of sourcing elsewhere, you should ensure the supplier meets these standards.

With the use of galvanised mesh panels or MDF boards with board supports, Schaefer, pallet racking can be conveniently converted to high capacity shelving.

Schaefer also manufacture pallet live storage racking, drive in pallet racking, drive through pallet racking, "push back" rack, very narrow isle pallet racking, double deep pallet racking, mobile pallet racking, high bay pallet racking, rack clad buldings, cantilever racking, long span racking, single and multi tier shelving, mezzanine floors and a huge range of plastic containers and pallets.