SSI Schaefer Satellite Storage & Retrieval System

  • SSI Schaefer Satellite Storage & Retrieval System

SCHAEFER Satellite System (SSS) is a remote storage/retrieval device that offers maximum warehouse floor utilization of up to 80+%, without requiring specialist-handling equipment as it works with the existing lift truck fleet.

There are of two main components: radio frequency (RF), battery-operated Satellite and special channel rails, which are installed onto racking similar to drive-in racking systems.

SCHAEFER Satellite is the perfect alternative to SCHAEFER Drive-In and Drive-Through racking. The forklift truck operator manually controls it by remote RF without the need for forklifts to enter racking. When placed in the designated lane and activated by the operator using radio remote control, the SCHAEFER Satellite stores or retrieves loads in either First-In- First-Out (FIFO), or First-In-Last-Out (FILO) handling sequence.

Because of its "petite" size (similar height as a standard pallet), the Schaefer Satellite runs below the pallet and when in automated mode can shuffle pallets from on-load to off-load positions, providing FIFO storage up to 30 - 40 pallets in depth.

In this automatic mode, the satellite can be left in the lane to auto stack whilst the forklift operative continues other operations with other satellites. One RF controller can operate up to 360 satellites.

Using onboard power supply units, SCHAEFER Satellites can work up to 20 continuous hours before recharging. Quick-change batteries are available for companies working 24- hours/day operations. Furthermore, SCHAEFER Satellites can be easily transferred from one rack channel to another by the forklift truck, secured using a patented locking device.

With one satellite servicing up to 2,000 pallets, the system provides a cost effective solution for high-density storage of homogeneous products stored in bulk. Handling time when compared to normal Drive-in systems is halved, thereby increasing work efficiency and productivity.

There is no requirement for expensive specialty forklifts as any model of truck can be used with the SCHAEFER Satellite System. Satellite systems are suitable for cool and cold rooms.The SSS comes with a patented safety lock that ensures it is secured to the forklift when picked up and transported to another rail channel.

If you are considering purchasing Drive-In racking and you are storing approximately 1500 plus pallets then the SCHAEFER Satellite System (SSS) is probably “just the ticket”.